From all of us to all of you: Yet another free type treat.
A child is born at Kontrapunkt. Say hello to Miki. We wish her eternal life – please don’t write her off and remember to give her space.
Have yourself a merry little xmas and download Miki for free. She is our brand new typeface inspired by our Japanese connections and the fact that we’re opening an office in Tokyo 2016.
We can’t wait to see you and Miki around in a happy new year!
If we haven't met – I'm Bob. A friendly, open-minded typeface designed by Kontrapunkt in 2011. I'm totally downloadable. Can't wait to get to know you, and the rest of your world.
Hi! I'm Kontrapunkt's first household typeface. Since my release in 2004, I have been downloaded more than 100.000 times from all over the world.